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After you purchase of one of my landscape designs I will contact you in-world and ask for a landmark to the land you want me to landscape for you. I will also ask for estate manager rights and the ability to terraform. If you are renting your region you will need to contact your land agent to have me added to the list. If you own your region you can do that on your own.


Once I have all the required abilities I will teleport over to your land and rez my system. This system will rezz the design you have chosen in about 5 to 10 minutes. While this is being set up I will go into region / estate and set the terrain textures and co-ordinates. Once the landscaping is completed I will run my terraforming tool which replicates the ground positioning. I usually like to run this twice to ensure it does as accurate a job as possible. Next I will go around your land and touch up any of the ground that needs to be adjusted by hand to ensure a clean and seamless finish. Lastly, I will rez the sim surround as pictured. This entire process takes around 30 minutes or less. I have had an array of clients and I have many five star reviews on my landscapes, so rest assured you are in capable and safe hands during this process.

If you already own one of my landscapes you don't have to purchase it again if you want to set it back up, however I do charge a 3,000L$ call-out fee to set it back up for you.

If you have any additional questions, please shoot me a notecard in-world @ Faded Banana

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