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Copy of [F] Landscape 8 - Pine Hill - Summer (QUARTER SIM) AD 15_edited.jpg

“I am stupefied by how gorgeous everything is”

— Review by Greywink

Copy of [F] Prefab Landscape 2 - Enchanted Trails (SUMMER) 7_edited.jpg

“Very happy with what my sim looks like, incredible how fast it was built. Never saw that before. Very nice landscaping”

— Review by Fushia Beaumont

“Faded is so awesome and the landscaping is so adorable! it looks like the pictures and even more beautiful! it won't be the last landscaping for me either and it's worth it”

— Review by Skorde Tordenskjold

[F] Prefab Landscape 6 - Maple Hills (SPRING) 4_edited.jpg

“Cannot say enough about the quality products used, the attention to detail and the superb customer service. Easy set up that took no time at all. Worth it. :) Would recommend to anyone who asks”

— Review by DesignerDemo

[F] Prefab Landscape 5 - Wildwood Isles (SUMMER) 3_edited.jpg

Say goodbye to the painstaking process of traditional landscaping – Faded transforms your region in thirty minutes. Seamlessly switch between designs at any time of the year.

Effortlessly switch between seasonal setups, meticulously crafted to capture nature's ever-changing beauty. Faded transforms your entire parcel in just five minutes.

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